Sugarcane is a very important crop especially in a country like Pakistan where millions of people use it regularly. The sugarcane farming in Pakistan is extended from small land farms to cooperate farming. The modern machinery equipped with high technology tool is developed to make the easier cultivation of the sugarcane. But this access to this machinery is only to the corporate farmers due to its high cost. It is therefore necessary to develop a machine that can provide better results, offer higher profits but still cost less and is easier to operate. As, in the traditional method of planting sugarcane, sugarcane is cut into pieces and buried. However, only a sprout is needed to grow sugarcane and the other part of sugarcane is wasted. The design of our machine helps to cut single bud from sugarcane and saves time compared to hand-made and other cutting processes. This project aims to simplify the process of extracting buds using the above-mentioned machine that requires less human labor, less investment and saves time thus proving a lucrative investment for every farmer. The purpose of the development is to improve the sugarcane germination with the less quantity of sugarcane used. In this method only buds will be used to grow the sugarcane nursery. The initial weight of the sugarcane ranges from 0.85 kg to 1.15 Kg. the length of the sugarcane varies from these selected stalks were 50 to 79 inches. The total weight of these three sugarcanes was 3.05 kg, while after the removal of the buds it was 2.31 Kg as the buds’ weights about 0.74 Kg. This method of sugarcane production will improve the farm productivity and sustainability.


Sugarcane, Bud Cutter, Farm Productivity, Sustainability