Food crops a vital part of human nutrition because the main need of vitamins and calories in a large portion of population is met by food crops. There is an enormous demand of food in Pakistan due to its increasing population. This demand of food can be conquered by introducing an innovation in the market, so that output could be achieved by less in economical range. Agricultural machines play central role in crop productivity, when planting and harvesting. A carrot washer is a machine that could be useful in agricultural mechanization. To increase market value, root crops such as carrot must be cleansed of soil particles after harvesting and before being transported from field to market. Carrot washing is mostly done manually with brooms and feet, using un-cleaned water from a nearby spring. Manual cleaning must require labour and takes time due to the sticky muck on the surface of the carrot. With a cleaning effectiveness of 98%, carrot washing is a highly handy cleaning machine. It can also be used to wash other crops after harvesting, such as potatoes and radishes, so that they can be transported to markets. This is a low-cost machine that is affordable to any farmer in Pakistan. The purpose of this research is to go through the design and details of this carrot washer. The machine comprises a wooden drum with a constant supply of pressurized water. After harvesting, muddy carrots are inserted inside the drum through an entrance in the drum’s face. The wooden drum rotates and scratches away foreign material from the surface of the carrots, while pressurized water is used to wash away the soil. After washing, the wastewater drains from the drum via slots around the circumference. As a result, carrot washing cleans carrots and other root crops and prepares them for commercialization. This machine can also be used to prepare other root crops for market by washing them. Tucky test was used to analyses the observations. When compared to the traditional way of washing, the machine showed to be more time efficient. The cost of manually washing carrots is estimated to be around Rs. 1000 per hour, while the cost of operating this equipment is only Rs. 364 per hour. Manual washing takes time as well, but using a carrot washer saves time when compared to manual washing. Carrot washing takes 80 hours per acre per person in conventional washing. However, the same work can be completed in 15 hours. In short, it may save around 65 hours per acre, is simple to operate, and ensures safe carrot handling. Aside from carrots, it can also be used to wash other root crops