This scholarly review delves into the realm of drilling innovations within the oil industry, with a particular focus on the integration and advancement of sustainable practices. The primary purpose of this study is to dissect the evolution of oil drilling technologies, assess the burgeoning role of sustainability in oil production, and identify existing research gaps in sustainable drilling practices. Employing a meticulous literature review methodology, the study systematically sifts through a plethora of peer-reviewed sources, adhering to stringent inclusion and exclusion criteria to ensure the relevance and focus of the analysis. The findings of this review are illuminating, revealing a significant shift in the oil drilling landscape towards sustainability. It traces the historical development of drilling techniques, underscoring the technological strides that have revolutionized the industry. A key revelation is the ascendancy of sustainability as a pivotal concern, with innovations increasingly aimed at reducing environmental impacts while bolstering economic efficiency. The review also highlights notable gaps in current literature, especially in the context of recent technological advancements and their sustainable implications. The study accentuates the critical importance of sustainable drilling innovations in the oil industry. It advocates for ongoing research and development to bridge the identified gaps and keep abreast of technological progress. The review recommends a synergistic approach involving diverse industry stakeholders to promote sustainable practices and emphasizes the need for robust policy frameworks and regulatory measures to guide the industry towards a sustainable trajectory. This review serves as an essential resource for industry stakeholders, providing comprehensive insights and directions for future research and practices in sustainable drilling innovations.