As a part of research, this product was consigned to design with the development with an engineering concept. At the preliminary stage, the industrial automatic flour bread maker machine was chosen the group, and accordingly, it was approved by the respected faculty. Bangladesh is not only a densely populated country but also a fastest developing country in the world. For saving precious time and capturing large market of this sub-continent, it is important to finish research on product development and market analysis accurately. Restaurants in busy area, people wait in a queue to have their ordered Roti (a south Asian bread with round and flat shape) for the lengthy process of Roti making as they are made by human hand. Industrial automatic Roti maker will help people a lot to make Roti in a very simple way within a short time. This machine can rapidly use in restaurants, canteens, and hostels to serve bread to the customers timely. It reduces the working effort of the chef as well. In this project, it was offered with progressed design for the automatic Roti maker machine along with supplementary features like a ‘hand controlled wheel’ to operate without power source for emergency purpose, safety box was used for safeties. The innovative design reduces the cost of the machine more than before. This project aims to learn with close observation about the industrial automatic Roti maker machine and its working functions. It was also tested the efficiency of Roti making process considering cost and time factors. The main purpose was to reduce the bread-making effort along with maintaining a better shape and size of Roti to illustrate a simple system model. All parts of this machine are structured by ‘Solid Works-2015’ software.


Cost function; Manufacturing; Solid works; House of quality; market analysis